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Follow the Step-by-Step guide below to setup your Netgear Router.

Setup for Netgear Router:

  1. Open up your web browser, either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
  2. In the adress bar at the top enter the Netgear ADSL modems IP adress which would be by default.
  3. You will now be Prompted for a username and password as seen below, standard Username is "admin" and password is " password".
    Netgear Setup
  4. Once inside, click on the "Basic Settings" tab at the top left.
    Netgear Setup
  5. Now you will see the basic settings page. All your settings should be the same as on the picture, but in the login you enter the username that is given by your ISP and in the password field the password.
  6. Now click on the "ADSL Settings" tab situated at the top left.
    Netgear Setup
  7. Make sure that the settings are the same as in the picture.
  8. Now click on the "Wireless Settings" tab situated at the top left.
    Netgear Setup
  9. Firstly you can enter your SSID name, which is the name of the wireless network as seen by other devices. You can enable security, which would be a must. Choose WEP key, and then enter a passphrase and generate a Key, you can enter different key
  10. Now go down the list to "Maintenace"
    Netgear Setup
  11. This page will display all relevant information, namely connection speed (which varies) and if you are online or not, stated in ADSL Port, if there is nothing there then you are not online.